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realtime 8

Aug-Sept 1995


from Dust/Tap: Aural Translations of the Banal
Julaine Stephenson’s collection of discarded domestic noisemakers is put to creative use in Dust, a work which puts the spectator on record. The gallery floorboards become the grooves to be played by a sharpened fork prong stylus while a gramophone soundbox acoustically amplifies the sound of … well … dust. Tap is part of Emil Goh’s conversation series dealing with electronic surveillance through people’s database identities and daily electronic transactions (credit cards, ATM’s etc.). This time mono radios talk financial transactions to each other as the listener taps in. Dust/Tap opens at The Performance Space Gallery August 9 running till September 2. It will be broadcast as part of AN EAR FULL, Eventspace on The Listening Room, ABC Classic FM Monday August 21. Live to Air 8.30 pm Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Ultimo Centre.

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