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RT's soundcapsules offer some samples from a selection of composers and musicians who have featured in RT covering a range of innovative music practices including electro-acoustic, experimental electronica, noise, improv, new music/contemporary classical, audiovisual performance and sound art.

Images: Jon Rose playing the Tromba Mariner, 1979 (soundscapsule #3)
Dale Gorfinkel performing at the Out Hear Festival 2011, photo Emile Zile, (soundcapsule #2)
Cat Hope, Decibel, photo Lisa Businovksi (soundcapsules #1 & 2)
Eugene Ughetti, Speak Percussion, photo Brad Serls (soundcapsule #2)

 Da Contents H2

September 18 2012
soundcapsule #5
sept 18: ensemble offspring, thembi soddell, lawrence english, eugene carchesio

July 17 2012
soundcapsule #4
july 17: ida duelund hansen - chamber made opera; kraig grady - clocks & clouds; david burraston - the wired lab

May 8 2012
soundcapsule #3
may 8: jon rose, thomas william vs scissor lock, shoeb ahmad

March 6 2012
soundcapsule #2
march 6: hope & vickery, ughetti, gorfinkel

December 18 2009
soundcapsule #1
december 2009