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realtime 99

Oct-Nov 2010


e-dition november 22
in the loop - november 22
realtime news and advance word

e-dition - october 25
in the loop – october 25
realtime news and advance word

e-dition - november 8
in the loop - november 8
realtime news and advance word

editorial - rt99

in the loop
realtime news and advance word


art as acupuncture for the city
judith abell: junction arts festival, launceston

interior worlds of the north
victoria carless: on edge festival

it’s relational: shopping for experience
jana perkovic: recent performance in london

melbourne festival: from screenplay to stage
carl nilsson-polias: ivo van hove, director, cassavetes opening night

no denying the body
alex lazaridis ferguson: het theaterfestival 2010, antwerp

parramatta celebrates south asian art
keith gallasch: philip rolfe, parramasala festival

quality-controlled fringe
matthew clayfield: undergroundzero festival, new york

the life expectancy of choreography?
mary kate connolly: montpellier danse.10

special features

indigenous performance feature
between past & present, joy & danger
keith gallasch: Ngurrumilmarrmiriyu (wrong skin), spring dance, sydney opera house

indigenous performance feature
building an indigenous physical theatre future
simone o’brien: heads up 2010: indigenous & social circus

indigenous performance feature
the dance of images & artefacts
keith gallasch: bangarra dance theatre, of earth & sky

e-dition - october 25 indigenous performance feature
festival on country
jane hampson: mahbilil festival, jabiru

10th indonesian dance festival: dance, future tense
keith gallasch: regional dance criticism workshop, jakarta


e-dition - october 25
uneasy un-realities
keith gallasch: hybrid dream

art in the lab
urszula dawkins: cia studios, perth

death & ways of being
john bailey: do not go gentle…; dying city

dream within a dream, city within a city
caroline wake: tantrum theatre, dreams of a forgotten city

experiences & ideas: fast & furious
keith gallasch: liveworks festival, performance space

explorations in the missing centre
josephine wilson: personal political physical challenge

family madnesses
keith gallasch: madeleine; august: osage county; our town

labours of love
david williams: whittaker & caesar, starfuckers

singing director brought to book
keith gallasch: anthony steel’s painful in daily doses

the invisible workers dance
keith gallasch: sweat, branch nebula, performance space

the war is on
jonathan bollen: stone/castro, superheroes

the wound that will not heal
john bailey: malthouse & sydney theatre company: the trial

voicing fear
tony reck: tamara saulwick, pindrop


feeling the pulse
judith abell, heart matters, tasdance & tso

measuring up & mining the moment
philipa rothfield: luke george, the walpole sisters

the trouble with the news
keith gallasch: lucy guerin inc, human interest story

unheroic love
jana perkovic: stephanie lake’s mix tape

visual arts

intensified attentiveness
jemima kemp: alison currie, bridget currie, three ways to hold

night works
ella mudie: bec dean, nightshifters, performance space

processing paradoxes
fiona mcgregor: samuel james, ms & mr, artspace


blues, myth, philosophy & the land
keith gallasch: continuum sax & match percussion; halcyon

life & music: the randomised remix
chris reid: nicolas collins in adelaide

networking the new
keith gallasch: the new music network

percussive acts of necessity
zsuzsanna soboslay: australian percussion gathering, 2010

the music is in the timbre
chris reid: soundstream festival 2010

war against pop: singing & suing
philip brophy: men at work, larrikin and kookaburra

film & screen culture

boat people: intimate tragedy
caroline wake: khoa do’s mother fish

dance, animation & other realities
realtime: physical tv, entanglement theory

fight censorship with same sex zombies
jack sargeant: bruce labruce’s la zombie

film with a difference
claudia cukrov: revelation perth international film festival

in trash, the return of mystery
ian haig: harmony korine’s trash humpers

memories & miracles
tom redwood, alexander proshkin, russian resurrection film festival

shanghai: fractured memories, contested histories
dan edwards: jia zhangke’s i wish i knew

through the screen into others’ worlds
farid farid: arab film festival 2010

tooling up for film career
filmmaking summer school 2011

+onscreen media arts

e-dition - november 8
adventures in perception
saige walton: en masse and epi-thet, arts house

indigenous new media-making
inaugural telstra natsiaa new media prize

new kid on the block
kate warren: signal creative arts studio, melbourne

tackling bio-art’s ethical ambiguities
urszula dawkins: symbiotica symposium, body/art/bioethics

the past informs the future
danni zuvela: qld premier’s national new media art awards

the sun, reconsidered
emma mcrae: rafael lozano-hemmer, solar equation