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realtime 97

June-July 2010


editorial - rt97

in the loop - july 12
realtime news and advance word

in the loop - july 26
realtime news and advance word

in the loop - june 28
realtime news and advance word

in the loop - rt97
realtime news and advance word

pics pages - rt97

vale pierrot bidon
january 1,1954-march 9, 2010


after party for the american century
dan mackinlay: sxsw 2010, austin, texas

dialectical entanglements
carl nilsson-polias: 2010 adelaide festival dance & theatre

together in the here & now
theron schmidt: the final national review of live art, glasgow

special features

culture: an intangible, protectable & nurturable good
jana perkovic: cultural policy and the arts

talking art with the minister
virginia baxter [with keith gallasch]: nsw small to medium performing arts forum


online exclusive - july 26
sao paulo: public space as theatre space
james brennan: three são paulo theatre companies

a soft hurtfulness, a kind of beauty
douglas leonard: thom pain (based on nothing)

altered states & mood swings
keith gallasch: sydney performance, theatre, dance, opera

critical homage to a short life
keith gallasch: james waites on the stc actors’ company

intensive research, enriched development
urszula dawkins: watdi, perth

minus signs
jana perkovic: contemporary performance at arts house

off-balance act
bryoni trezise, frantic assembly & stc, stockholm

partners in crime & reconciliation
urszula dawkins: witness, the blue room, perth

see you, see me
john bailey: recent melbourne theatre and dance

still not there: dylan on film & stage
matthew clayfield: the chronic ills of robert zimmerman

truth, dare or physical challenge?
hydra poesis: personal political physical challenge

we made this: scattered tacks
profile: skye gellmann, terri cat silvertree & aelx gellmann


online exclusive - june 28
tears in time
virginia baxter: reeldance installations #04

dancefilm: making choices
karen pearlman: 2010 reeldance awards

dancing through trauma
jemima kemp: katrina lazaroff’s pomona road

digital insanity
maggi phillips: aimee smith, breakings

from screen dance to screen based
chirstinn whyte: moves10, framing motion, liverpool uk

making the trip work
sophie travers: the roadwork audience engagement plan

movement is rewarded
bernadette ashley: bonemap, cove

negotiating a transposed hell
douglas leonard: zen zen zo, dante’s inferno

visual arts

looking through photography
darren jorgensen: fotofreo 2010

video art: performance, politics, vision
gail priest: video art in the 17th biennale of sydney


online exclusive - july 26
harmony between man, earth, heaven
zsuzsanna soboslay: canberra international festival of chamber music

10 years of room40: privileging the ears
danni zuvela: interview, lawrence english

brave venture in a regional city
justine wilkinson: see hear now, townsville

new music, new means
keith gallasch: chronology arts—alex pozniak, andrew batt-rawden

sounding a room
darren jorgensen: decibel play alvin lucier

film & screen culture

online exclusive - july 26
the bostock inheritance
keith gallasch: metro screen, lester bostock mentorship screenings

online exclusive - july 12
coming of age in cane country
kirsten krauth: belinda chayko’s lou

accidents & art: the evolution of a film
keith gallasch: interview, brian carbee, writer, accidents happen

accidents, loss & the grief trap
keith gallasch: andrew lancaster's feature film, accidents happen

confessions & generations
kirsten krauth: gillian armstrong’s love, lust & lies

fighting for adventurous documentary making
matthew clayfield: interview, tom zubrycki & richard harris

from the dark side of economic success
dan edwards: films by zhao liang and guo xiaolu, hong kong film festival

meditations in pure space
kirsten krauth: michael angus, murray fredericks, salt

starting over: new chinese cinema
mike walsh: hong kong film festival

the growling: talking film festival culture
danni zuvela: interview, jack sargeant, revelation film festival

+onscreen media arts

online exclusive - july 12
the shapes of water
gail priest: memory flows, newington armory

disabling art online
melinda rackham: australian internet censorship legislation

sun work: mathematics as media
scott mcquire: interview with rafael lozano-hemmer