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realtime 94

Dec-Jan 2009


online exclusive
in the loop
realtime news and advance word

editorial rt94

in the loop
realtime news and advance word

trent parke, please step quietly, everyone can hear you

nick waterlow, janice mcculloch


sydney festival preview
a fine catch in a net cast wide
the realtime selection: sydney festival 2010

sydney festival preview
innocents retrieved
david williams: the fence, utp, sydney festival

ozasia festival
intercultural in-between
jonathan bollen: 2009 ozasia festival

melbourne international arts festival
a fistful of skin
jana perkovic: sasha waltz, melbourne international arts festival

melbourne international arts festival
glocal slippage: the festival show conundrum
john bailey: melbourne international arts festival

melbourne international arts festival
the art of integration
carl nilsson-polias: melbourne international arts festival

melbourne fringe festival
read this space
jana perkovic: 2009 melbourne fringe festival performances

brisbane festival
art and hope
douglas leonard: 2009 brisbane festival & under the radar

adelaide festival preview
mind, body & the evolution of a dance work
garry stewart: be your self, adelaide festival 2010

adelaide festival preview
the emotional body
keith gallasch: the 2010 adelaide festival, performance

special features

no content


ageing and [in]difference
bryoni trezise: theatre kantanka, missing the bus to david jones

child flight, adult plight
jana perkovic: my darling patricia’s africa

reflections on reconciliation
caroline wake: the bougainville photoplay project

the art of excavation
jennifer mills: red shoes’ under today

westralia fantasia
urszula dawkins: heart of gold, PICA

where to now?
gavin findlay: canberra performance, part 2


contemplations of hanged men
keith gallasch: stalker, mirrormirror

dance bites
keith gallasch: recent sydney dance

dancing with expectations
pauline manley: dancenorth’s night café

dreams of flight
maggi phillips: strut’s short cuts, parrott’s the garden

erotic rescue
meg walker: marie chouinard’s orpheus and eurydice

night work
keith gallasch: marrugeku’s burning daylight

open heart work
pauline manley: sue healey’s the curiosities

visual arts

online exclusive
performing performance anxiety
josephine skinner: brown council, big show

deepening degrees of subjectivity
ella mudie: brad miller, james charlton, simon barney, artspace

seeing black: degrees of invisibility
djon mundine: fiona foley

sensitively national, selectively global
visual and media arts: 2010 adelaide & sydney festivals

temporal oscillator
philip watkins: derek hart, videos

unfinished business
virginia baxter: fiona foley: forbidden, mca


online exclusive
the shame of growing old gracefully
gail priest: what is music? sydney

breathing music
simon charles: adam simmons, a profile

choral creativity
douglas leonard: brisbane’s canto coro

expat reverie
greg hooper: the states

machine age new music
jonathan marshall: decibel, tape it!, totally huge

music by design
simon charles: speak percussion & fritz hauser

music for the quick and the dead
chris reid: evaristo aguilar & aphids, xantolo

naturally, electromagnetic
peter blamey: douglas kahn interview

riding the impro wave
gail priest: fred rodrigues, S.I.M.S, the now now series

the makings of sound
jonathan marshall: audiofest, dunedin, nz

film & screen culture

a film for all markets
kirsten krauth: david caesar, prime mover

an eye on screen history
wendy haslem: screen worlds, acmi

boys with attitude
kirsten krauth: scott hicks, the boys are back

everyday complexity
megan carrigy: 2009 palestinian film festival

mao in the mall
mike walsh: the founding of a republic

merely floating in the world
dan edwards: zhao dayong’s ghost town

stop-start beat: walking the city
saige walton: sadie benning’s play pause, whitney museum, new york

we’re on the road to nowhere
kirsten krauth: john hillcoat, the road

where the truth lies
dan edwards: jia zhangke’s 24 city & cry me a river

+onscreen media arts

online exclusive
digital demands & pleasures
zsuzsanna soboslay: beginning middle end, anu

m-book: all thumbs
kirsten krauth: marieke hardy’s texttales

so you think you can make art?
nathan stevens: splendid arts lab 2009

trucking media art
christian mccrae: total nowhere emotion expansion

utopia reconsidered
dan mackinlay: electrofringe 2009