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realtime 92

Aug-Sept 2009


online exclusive
in the loop
realtime news and advance word

in the loop
realtime news and advance word

rt92 - education and the arts


venice biennale
the future now, minus nations
alexandra crosby: the 2009 venice biennale

online exclusive
fringe festival: roulette and reason
keith gallasch: 2009 melbourne fringe festival

making room for hope
keith gallasch: brisbane & melbourne festivals

special features

education and the arts: visual arts
arts business practice or practice based research?
peter anderson: artstart, era and the visual arts

education and the arts: music
new rules: the research game
dawn bennett: era, artstart and music education

education and the arts: media arts
positive initiatives, problematic implications
lisa gye: era, artstart & media arts responses

education and the arts: film and tv
period of adjustment
tina kaufman: creativity, assessment & screen production education

education and the arts
reform, reinvention & the education revolution
sarah miller

education and the art: performance
creative release, creative limits
maryrose cuskelly: era, artstart & the performing arts


calling the shots
virginia baxter: heidrun löhr, archive project

comeout 09: artful reciprocity
jonathan bollen: restless dance theatre, unreasonable adults

condition red
keith gallasch: karen therese, the riot act

home improvements
andrew harper: terrapin puppet theatre

lie to me
keith gallasch: rosie dennis, fraudulent behaviour

observation and its relativities
john bailey: red stitch, ben ellis & ranters at full tilt

of tea and other fluids
marie-anne mancio, east end collaborations, london

the image that pierces
caroline wake: back to back & the necks: food court

under a spell
douglas leonard: zen zen zo, the tempest


a mindful body-in-place
pauline manley: martin del amo, it’s a jungle out there

bangarra at 20: circle of connection
jeremy eccles: stephen page interview

embodying inner demons
bernadette ashley: dancenorth, nowhere fast

matchbox magic: dance as film
jonathan marshall: daniel belton, nz choreographer & filmmaker

visual arts

online exclusive
new growth, new directions
josephine skinner: primavera 2009, museum of contemporary art

online exclusive
the nurturing of chinese photography
dan edwards: rong rong interview, beijing

chinese photography: out of the shadows
dan edwards: beijing’s three shadows photography art centre

politics & art: direct engagement
jacqueline millner: there goes the neighbourhood, performance space

risks with self and stranger
darren jorgenson: pica’s intimate acts


online exclusive
abela in china
gail priest: interview, lucas abela

online exclusive
global transmission in progress
tony reck: nest of cinnamon

online exclusive
new, new music for sydney
keith gallasch: chronology arts

online exclusive
sonic insights
urszula dawkins: come hither noise

architectural meltdown
tony osborne: liquid architecture 10, sydney

mind-reading in the 21st century
chris reid: chesworth & leber’s space-shifter

sound, image & their ghosts
greg hoooper: liquid architecture 10, brisbane

stockhausen: visions of light
simon charles: a day of light at the con, smart light festival

that was shit!
gail priest, dan edwards: lucas abela’s rice corpse

the art of sonic curation
chris reid: liquid architecture 10, melbourne

film & screen culture

online exclusive
sydney's mean streets
kirsten krauth: serhat caradee’s cedar boys

online exclusive
taboo teen territory
kirsten krauth: rachel ward’s beautiful kate

eddie & charlie, kings of the road
keith gallasch: richard j frankland’s stone bros

figuring motion: a 20th century artist for the 21st
danni zuvela: len lye at acmi

nationalistic fervour & metaphysical reverie
tom redwood: 2009 russian resurrection film festival

the man in the malkovich mask
kirsten krauth: jm coetzee’s disgrace, book and film

tricks and treats
simon sellars: melbourne international animation festival

+onscreen media arts

d emoshnl pwr of d txt msg
jeremy weinstein: larissa hjorth, cu: the presence of co-presence

online life, downside and up
oscar michaels: ondi timoner, we live in public