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realtime 82

Dec-Jan 2007



sydney festival
moving and shaking
sophie travers on the festival’s australian dance program

ozasia festival
certain uncertainties
jonathan bollen on three works in the first ozasia festival

ozasia festival
new music out of china
stephen whittington at the ozasia festival’s white shadow concert

ozasia festival
the elusiveness of cultural exchange
mike walsh at the ozasia festival symposium

legacies, living and transmuted
philipa rothfield at the melbourne international arts festival

making the world work
linda marie walker on merce cunningham in melbourne

telling silences
john bailey at the melbourne international arts festival

ars electronica
ars electronica, vitae brevis!
nigel helyer in linz for the latest on new media art

ars electronica
empathy and otherness
somaya langley on immersive art at ars electronica

adelaide & sydney festivals
the festivals make music
keith gallasch previews the sydney and adelaide festivals

special features

hybrid life: some recent sightings
personas performative and partying

RealTime online @ PuSh
International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver from January 21


online exclusive
birth rites by vote
tony reck participates in emergent new media performance

online exclusive
of trains and training
keith gallasch sees aerialize celebrating railway history

online exclusive
schlock treatment
tony reck braves the snuff puppets

online exclusive
the loving wild child
jonathan marshall is engaged by memmie le blanc

being in one place with roots in another
osunwunmi at the port city live art weekender

far from home
bryoni trezise on deborah pollard’s blue print

living football in the territory
barracking, a new play from alice springs

solace, if not closure
sue moss sees tom holloway’s beyond the neck

the art of going global
sophie travers on the rising tide of australian arts touring

the term of their unnatural lives
tony reck moves into adam broinowski’s hotel obsino

war at a distance
jonathan bollen sees the premiere of caleb lewis’ dogfall

young, local, national, global....
caroline wake at the explosive! youth theatre festival


online exclusive
the twyla tharp legacy
jonathan marshall on tharp and the link dance company

a once and future building
jodie mcneilly witnesses the stirring at carriageworks

diverting disconnects
doug leonard is on message for phluxus’ chinese whispers

learning is living
martin del amo learns from thomas lehmen’s lernt

magic en masse
pauline manley at the fondue set’s evening magic 2

refashioning myth
philipa rothfield on weave movement theatre’s capsule

tensions of form and affect
jonathan marshall at strut’s dance #2 2007

visual arts

an itty-bitty theatre of the absurd
annemarie jonson on the art of kendal murray

artful contemplation
cheree mack at one with a scott morrison installation

dark currents
greg hooper at IMA’s grey water for the brisbane river festival

dark sightings
gail priest feels her way into jessica tyrrell’s :the braille box:

still life in a dying world
dan edwards sees the work of na mo in beijing


online exclusive
greater than the sum of its parts
dean linguey watches althoff, avenaim & gorfinkel at work

experimental sounds in the city
chris reid lunches at the sial concert series

joyous songs of sadness
cesaria evora features at womadelaide

post impressions
hollis taylor’s book about an epic fence-playing journey

sound worlds past and present
sarah pirrie listens into sounds unusual in darwin

film & screen culture

music film art nexus
led zeppelin: art at the crossroads
helen stuckey looks into the band’s dark side

music film art nexus
rock stars in the cross-hairs
kirsten krauth on julien temple’s strummer and andrew upton’s riflemind

music film art nexus
still touching from a distance
karra rees on ian curtis recalled in film and visual art

from chinatown to china
dan edwards on an australia-china animation co-production

performative cinema
danni zuvela in conversation with metamkine’s xavier querel

she’s a smooth operator
kirsten krauth on anna broinowski’s forbidden lie$

+onscreen media arts

dead cinema, new cinema
david cranswick finds inspiration at videobrasil

more now than new
meeting zero one festival director steve dietz

new art the old way
dan mackinlay does beap 2007 on a bike

no mission statements please
dominique angeloro on this is not art’s self-examination

the fringe morphs
dan mackinlay reads the electrofringe signs

the thought provoking jolt
anna munster explores petra gemeinboeck’s impossible geographies