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realtime 80

Aug-Sept 2007



shifting ground
the art of the earth
mardijah simpson on alice springs’ shifting ground

online exclusive: spill
naked history
rachel lois clapham entranced by kira o'reilly at SPILL

online exclusive: spill
the big spill: a fitting climax
rachel lois clapham at pacitti company's grand finale

online exclusive: spill
the hurt of pain witnessed
mary paterson on francoise berlanger's penthesilea at SPILL

online exclusive: spill
with a child's eyes
mary paterson sees eve bonneau at SPILL

international: pocket film festival
tiny movies, big moves
sasha grbich in paris at the pocket film festival

a festival to change perceptions
a dialogue with germany about culture and cities

pulling down walls
sophie travers introduces thomas lehmen

special features

contemporary performance: signs of life
david williams on resistance and emergence

embodiment’s adventures in scholarship
maggi phillips on states of dance in tertiary education

music education in search of a future
stephen whittington delineates the challenges

precarious balance & extra-daily effort
jonathan bollen on theatre scholarship at risk

production challenges, threats to theory
gillian leahy on teaching filmmaking & media

revolution or reaction?
the future of education in the arts

sound art and the extended university
julian knowles on survival in a harsh climate

the new academicism
adam geczy on the rise of the visual artist autodidact

interview: kate richards
from the simplest of interfaces: complexity
keith gallasch talks with media artist kate richards

international: blast theory
from anywhere at any time
gabriella giannachi at play with blast theory

international: arnolfini
negotiations and love songs
tim atack encounters manuel vason’s performative portraits

forthcoming events
experimenta's playground, beap, version 1.0, interpositions, aftermath, melbourne international arts festival


online exclusive
future indefinite
tony reck on adam broinowski’s know no cure

online exclusive
new recipes in theatre making
jonathan marshall enters the city of cake

online exclusive
radical fanging in the museum
doug leonard at zen zen zo's dracula

online exclusive
the ghosts of bad blood
john bailey on hélène cixous as playwright

a very strange kind of time
bryoni trezise moved by sleepers wake! wachet auf!

in expectation of the unexpected
josephine wilson in search of adult entertainment

no small wonder
doug leonard assesses QTC’s the estimator

radio-ing in: the artifice of intervention
jonathan marshall interrogates pvi’s inform

the art of the after-party
tony reck survives the meatpackers union

the incessant alert of responsibility
dion kagan talks to kirsten von bibra about helen cixous

the road to excess & the wisdom of restraint
john bailey on potent directing in recent melbourne theatre

the underground's big day out
adam jasper inside underbelly at carriageworks


online exclusive
free and not so free
keith gallasch on dancetank at the studio

online exclusive
this girl can’t be serious
philipa rothfield sees antje pfundtner’s eigenSinn

dance film: spiritual odyssey
keith gallasch talks with the makers of thursday’s fictions

post-dance, everything is choreographic
chirstinn whyte at manchester’s moves 07

room for everything and more
jonathan marshall on recent perth dance

women on the edge
keith gallasch reviews rosalind crisp and post

visual arts

online exclusive
medium magic
diana klaosen sees this is not a print show

making space: the freedom to mess
amy marjoram on creativity and artist-run spaces

mental karaoke
christine collins opens her eyes to the bohemian rhapsody project


computer composers go back to the future
dan mackinlay at ACMC 07

lessons in hyper-virtuosity
chris reid witnesses the musical mastery of elision

sounds seen & worded
greg hooper at liquid architecture in brisbane

film & screen culture

animation: access, artistry, limits
simon sellars assesses MIAF 07’s australian content

digitising the film industry: the big questions
tina kaufman reviews richard harris on digital distribution

dreaming in motion
celebrating australia’s indigenous filmmakers

farewell bergman, farewell antonioni

the piano replayed & re-read
mireille juchau on gail jones’ response to campion’s film

the poetry of turkish cinema
megan carrigy at the sydney film festival

the secret war: remembered & repressed
dan edwards on movies at odds over the war against laos

the thousand voices of garin nugroho
tom redwood talks to the indonesian filmmaker

unleashing the inanimate
adrian martin launches a new australian book on animation

+onscreen media arts

online exclusive
dreams gentle and apocalyptic
tony osborne enters immersion:electrical empathy's ambient theatre

online exclusive
fine with a chance of cloud
gail priest experiences the trouble with the weather: a southern response

DVD: the innovator, interviewed: adam elliot

escaping into the hands of the enemy
christian mccrae on mckenzie wark’s gamer theory

extreme writing: digital lifestyle practice
andrew murphie on mark amerika’s meta/data

perspective play
sarah pirrie at darwin’s 24hr art

puns of the father
esther milne hooked by an ebook on ulmer

seeking immersion
judith abell encounters robin petterd’s drifters