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realtime 79

June-July 2007



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special features

there forever
there forever, gone tomorrow
virginia baxter in port adelaide

out of the frying pan...
gail priest converses with artists from the spark program

merilyn fairskye
keith gallasch time travels with merilyn fairskye’s stati d’animo

lynette wallworth
the world in our hands
fabienne nicholas interviews media artist lynette wallworth

international: the wooster group
ghosts of hamlets past
tony macgregor experiences the wooster group magic

international: perfurbance#3
art becomes village becomes art
jan cornall at perfurbance#3, yogyakarta

international: nrla
bright sparks in the silence
mary brennan at the 2007 national review of live art

international: lada
live art strategies
keith gallasch on london’s live art development agency

artspace aftermath
performance art beyond the event
thomas j berghuis previews artspace’s aftermath


adventures 07: anxious pleasures

bible bashing and book burning
keith gallasch on the word in recent performance

joel stern attends rebecca cunningham’s chambers

evolving indigenous live art
rebecca youdell on zane saunders in cairns

messing with the word
john bailey on interpreting sacred texts in performance

one woman in many: survival and resilience
jan cornall embraces UTP’s the folding wife

vigilante performance
jonathan marshall talks to pvi about their new show


autonomy and the emerging artist
jonathan bollen at come out 2007

duetting new possibilities
philipa rothfield sees new works from perth, melbourne, osaka

when I was born, I couldn’t move at all
sophie travers talks with antje pfundtner

visual arts

art animated and dissected
ashley crawford revels in arlo mountford’s animations

art on the ball
amy marjoram on the court with louise paramor

conversation in slow time
mireille juchau engages with british photography at ACP and MCA

framing the world
samara mitchell at james guerts’ 90° equatorial project

photography: stillness & beyond
keith gallasch visits stills gallery to talk photomedia


loud, clear and cantankerous
gail priest experiences cranky robotics

musical archaeology
chris reid examines an aphids-libra ensemble collaboration

vertiginous pleasures of disconnection
jonathan marshall at the totally huge new music festival

film & screen culture

all in the process
keith gallasch sees the films of mike leggett

archivists on the edge
bob percival talks with jaimie and aspasia leonarder

black sun: after the eclipse
black sun: after the eclipse

meditations & contradictions
hamish ford at the festival of german films

plugging into film culture
tina kaufman talks with revelation’s megan spencer

re-skinning documentary
catherine gough-brady at AIDC’s docagora

sydney film festival’s new face
hamish ford interviews director clare stewart

the history trap
chris scanlon on ABC TV’s bastard boys

world without bearings
dan edwards on the vision of chinese filmmaker jia zhang-ke

+onscreen media arts

an improvising automaton
anna davis celebrates wade marynowsky’s generative archive

the digitising of public art
christian mccrae walks into troy innocent’s field of play

the war that never ends
greg hooper is seduced by marker’s owls at noon

virtually the real thing
anna davis reports on the neumark-miranda expedition