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realtime 77

Feb-March 2007



london’s regenerative festival
realtime’s editors talk with Lift’s angharad wynne-jones

2007 sydney festival
all in good time
keith gallasch & virginia baxter on the festival’s best

islands of ambiguity
ten days on the island 2007

the future arrives: a new APT, a new gallery
5th asia-pacific triennial of contemporary art in brisbane

volatile work for incendiary ends
realtime talks with SPILL festival director robert pacitti

special features

no content


sydney performance
other worlds, outer limits
keith gallasch enters paradise city

a theatre for all the senses
keith gallasch talks with malthouse’s michael kantor

adelaide festival centre redux
realtime talks with CEO douglas gautier

an endless dance of death and yearning
john bailey on recent melbourne performance

danger: transcendental theatre
tony reck flies with matasaburo—angel of the wind

in the moment
keith gallasch at impro-lab: transparencies

in the theatre of war
david williams reflects on the fallout symposium

lost in translation
christopher scanlon on nyid on conservatism

love, digital and suicidal
jonathan bollen on imaGEN's

performance on DVD: archive alive
archive alive: cage, fluxus, foreman

shifting and shucking
performance space’s first carriageworks program

the body in hand
judith palmer experiences chinese live art in manchester


all in the choreography
erin brannigan applauds emio greco

down there for thinking
chirstinn whyte at london’s dance on screen festival

farewell fromagerie
Jane Mckernan

performance alchemies
zsuzsanna soboslay on the realities of igneous’ mirage

seeing anew
becky edmunds screen dance researching in argentina

the dancer moves, the world begins

the whole stage is breathing
jonathan marshall talks to cloud gate’s lin hwai-min

visual arts

acting up
ash keating & mary lou pavlovic

the eternally flickering image
chris reid re-views the world with quebec’s diane landry


life after reverb
samara mitchell talks with tristan louth-robins

new music from dead horse

string quartet: evolution & mutation
stephen whittington on adelaide’s zephyr quartet

film & screen culture

michael riley: photographer & filmmaker
part 2: the films—buried histories
dan edwards reflects on the NGA riley retrospective

adelaide film festival
digital liberation
sandy cameron talks with boxing day director kriv stenders

2007 australian international documentary conference
lights, action!
catherine gough-brady talks with joost den hartog

a new gaze via remote control
hamish ford looks into laura mulvey’s death 24x a second

a pansemiotic cornucopia
angela ndalianis at ACMI’s celebration of cinema pre-history

d/Lux & the super history of super 8 in sydney
bob percival talks with kate richards & mark titmarsh

out on film
2007 mardi gras film festival german focus

russian cinema: audacious and inimitable
tom redwood previews an adelaide film festival feature

the filmmaker underdog and the australian way
bruno starrs on alec morgan’s hunt angels

the new silents
mike walsh on old media at the adelaide film festival

this is not a comic book
matthew clayfield on tezuka: the marvel of manga

+onscreen media arts

-+-(negative plus negative)
Living the in-between
Keith Gallasch

a media arts cornucopia machine
keith gallasch talks with ANAT’s melinda rackham

emergent and infectious
samara mitchell on tracy cornish’s intertwingularity

game on: agendas of gender
larissa hjorth at teknikunst’s gendertopia

haunted machines & spooky ideologies
esther milne reviews potts & scheer’s technologies of magic

liquid city
gail priest slips through time & space with daniel crooks

monstrous beauty
ashley crawford face to face with pzombies and mortality

playing with reality in virtual worlds
christy dena at a monster conference on interactivity

rules of engagement: auras of presence
stephen jones interacts with the engage symposium

second front: online performance art
Christy Dena

side by side, australian & japanese media art
wendy haslem in tokyo at the sendai mediatheque

the virtual gets physical, the user too
MAAP 2006: out of the internet

unwilling prophet of the present
philip brophy on the gestation of northern void