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realtime 76

Dec-Jan 2006



sydney festival
christoph marthaler: in the meantime
benedict andrews on a great european director

melbourne international arts festival
joyous music, modest means
chris reid experiences percussion magic

melbourne international arts festival
kinds of truth
john bailey on epics and intimacies

melbourne international arts festival
risky business adds aesthetic value
philipa rothfield listens as well as looks

melbourne festival
images that hold
adam broinowski on six striking shows

lyon: dance and photography
the body in the city in the picture
keith gallasch & virginia baxter on dynamic still lives

biennale de la danse 2006 lyon
the city dances
keith gallasch & virginia baxter at a celebration of dance

crisis within, crisis without
jonathan marshall sees humphrey bower & paea leach

cutting it
renee newman-storer looks at wa dance film

another nocturama
jasmin stephens gauges performative responses to an installation

editor's choice
sydney festival 2007

myth through an avant garde lens
indija mahjoeddin questions robert wilson's i la galigo

special features

realtime in print has been redesigned by parcel

siev x memorial
a pictorial report of the memorial held in Canberra


disturbing the dust on a bowl of rose leaves
judith palmer on the performance art of anne bean

return of the gods
keith gallasch enters the world of the lost echo

ANTI festival, finland, site-specific mysteries
niki russell performs & observes

art against the silence
fiona winning at cairo's experimental theatre festival

bootcamp for the soul
neal harvey watches stace callaghan in training

clowning into oblivion
adam broinowski on ivan thorley’s dreamland

company b: dissolving distance
keith gallasch catches rachel healey as she leaves the building

elves and other friends
lina & nathalie macgregor catch windmill's new show

haunted by the outside world
mary paterson on the challenges for polish live art

heroes in the theatre of adversity
anni davey gathers responses to acrobat's new show

icons, puppets & perspectives
diana klaosen on new works from terrapin and is theatre

ornamental happiness & walking cures
judith palmer on live art at the liverpool biennial

sydney performance
keith gallasch on a theatrical diet of food, sex & politics

the many-otheredness of the NRLA
keith gallasch on the national review of live art

the young & the restless
spat+loogie talk with gail priest

two blokes in a room, drawing on each other
Osunwunmi in bristol at the beginning of something

writing our culture alive
cassi plate at the ubud writers festival


dark journey
alex vickery-howe is swept along in the crush

music makes the moves
erin brannigan talks with sciart award winner margie medlin

visual arts

singapore biennale, a total approach
daniel palmer on politics & spectacle

a desolation too real
bec dean finds video plenitude at artspace

intersections in the screen pit
marianne riphagen on the mhul indigenous artist symposium

words as art
briony downes on text inserted, installed and sounded


discontinuous perceptions
michelle jamieson at first draft's potent

new music machine up & running
chris reid encounters method & madness

taking the s-train
jim knox on an unsound trip out of wagga wagga

film & screen culture

michael riley: photographer & filmmaker - part 1: spirit, land, image
dan edwards takes in the NGA riley retrospective

adelaide grows a festival
sandy cameron previews the 2007 adelaide film festival

below the surface
mireille juchau on jindabyne and reconcilation

deeply collaborative, richly minimalist
mike walsh on emerging malaysian cinema

female experimental film magic
sally golding & joel stern at madcat, san francisco

looking back over pilger's australia
hamish ford assesses the films and their impact

the rise of the superdoc
george gittoes tells all to catherine gough-brady

vancouver international film festival
sandy cameron focuses on two distinctive talents

+onscreen media arts

words in the frame
tim wright at the red room's poetry picture show

a second life: living online
christy dena on building with pixels

art in the instant city
michael connor at ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA2006

interactive feedback
lizzie muller on how to prototype an artwork

the best of the beast
dan mackinlay runs the gamut of electrofringe

video as spatial experience
danni zuvela immersed in [V3] Art+Architecture