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realtime 70

Dec-Jan 2005


Editorial RT70

Farewell Bowie
Performance Space Director Fiona Winning farewells production manager and lighting designer Ian Bowie.


Melbourne International Arts Festival
Chance, dance, animals & the unconscious
Philipa Rothfield

Melbourne International Arts Festival
Ngapartji, Ngapartji: sharing language
Rachel Maher

Melbourne International Arts Festival
Songs beyond words
Chris Reid is seduced by a song cycle

Melbourne International Arts Festival
The digital hurricane data dance
Tony Reck on the Ryoji Ikeda experience

Melbourne International Arts Festival
The medium is the audience
John Bailey

Melbourne International Arts Festival
Walking the imagination
Barry Laing encounters Lone Twin

Artrage Festival
All-in dancing
Geet Frank

Artrage Festival
Art on the skyline
Geet Frank

Artrage Festival
Cycles, overlaps, intersections
Thea Costantino

Artrage Festival
Dancing north-south
Nyanda Smith

Artrage Festival
SEX: slippery viewing
Anna Kesson

North Queensland: fuelling the art mix
Justine Wilkinson & Stephen Naylor at See Hear Now

special features

Finding the post-Rationalist audience
Jeremy Eccles meets US cultural facilitator, Jerry Yoshitomi

Talking up change
Keith Gallasch on the Doyle, Marr and Terracini lectures

The Dramaturgies project
Peter Eckersall, Paul Monaghan and Melanie Beddie


All in the re-telling
David Williams on performing oral history

An enabling epic
David Williams sees Angels in the Architecture

Classic incursions
John Bailey on new works from Eleventh Hour

Life: no rehearsal
Keith Gallasch

Newcastle: cars drive cultural pace
Kerrie Schaeffer in the back seat at L!vesites

Perceptual adjustments
Philipa Rothfield on performer Sharna Vrhowec

Stephen Whittington sees a bold Adelaide venture


Depression's ambiguities
Eleanor Brickhill: Clare Dyson, Churchill’s Black Dog

Installation dancing
Mike Leggett at the Reel Dance Installations

Lateral moves
Philipa Rothfield: Lucy Guerin Inc, Pieces for Small Spaces

Mature, independent dancers seek context
Eleanor Brickhill talks with Wendy Morrow

visual arts

A cultural gateway
Therese Sweeney talks with Bronwyn Bancroft

A spark in the dark
Keith Gallasch

At work with artists & audiences
Jacqueline Millner talks with the MCA’s Elizabeth Ann Macgregor

Bringing it home
Keri Glastonbury on the Fiona Hall-Fiona MacDonald collaboration

Exquisite banalities
Eleanor Brickhill at home with Lewis and Linz

Living dolls and sentient wheelchairs
Keith Gallasch

Sculpted: conscience and consciousness
Zsuzsanna Soboslay on the National Sculpture Prize

The spiralling dance of survival
Virginia Baxter

Warning from above
Deborah Kelly’s new work takes to the skies


Making machines that make music
Dean Linguey interviews Ernie Althoff

New home, new sounds
Keri Glastonbury visits the Pelt sound art gallery

Sound arts and the living dead
Nigel Helyer aka Dr Sonique challenges laptop sound art

Totally Huge: knots and flames
Gail Priest

Typhoon: fine tuned turbulence
Keith Gallasch sees sound art at Artspace

film & screen culture

Australian feature films: where we are now
Sandy Cameron surveys film awards nominees and others

Australian Western: Fear on the frontier
Dan Edwards considers The Proposition

David Perry: moving image artist
Danni Zuvela talks to an experimental film pioneer

Kiss the beast and make it cry
Linda Carroli on Brisbane’s new cinematheque

The courage to go cross-media
Karen Pearlman on the LAMP initiative

Time: endured and endurig
Jena Woodburn on Tatsuo Miyajima at CACSA

Turkish films and festivals: Glancng eastwards
Catherine Simpson

+onscreen media arts

Abstraction. Sick.
Darren Tofts

Book review: A potent internet pre-history
Esther Milne

Digital wearables: fashion & control
Julianne Pierce on the biggest commercial digital media show

Evocative objects, strange selves
Lizzie Muller at Experimenta’s Vanishing Point

New media art: Omigod! It's alive!
Keith Gallasch

The future makers
Lizzie Muller seeks out South African new media art