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realtime 55

June-July 2003


Editorial RT 55
Federal Government vs ABC & Australia Council


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special features

Feature: The Women's Pages
All in the timing
Virginia Baxter talks to Leisa Shelton

Feature: The Women's Pages
Deferred detonations; thrilling pessimism
Robert Cook

Feature: The Women's Pages
Evolution as showbiz
Martin Thomas

Feature: The Women's Pages
History, culture, body, stage...
Jonathan Marshall

Feature: The Women's Pages
Justine Cooper: new media alchemist
Keith Gallasch emails Justine Cooper in New York

Feature: The Women's Pages
Naive desire and coffee table fetishism
Anna Munster

Feature: The Women's Pages
Nurturing the writer, re-shaping the theatre
Virginia Baxter

Feature: The Women's Pages
Photography's phantasmagorias
Mireille Juchau

Feature: The Women's Pages
To drive the work, compel the listening
Mary Ann Hunter

Feature: The Women's Pages
Zoomorphia: deathly clamour
Jane Goodall

Feature: Australia International / Japan / Berlin
Expanding the cultural universe
Keith Gallasch

Featured Artist: Nicola Loder


Feature: Dramaturgy Now
Cutting through the fog
Keith Gallasch talks with Ben Ellis and Louise Fox

Feature: Dramaturgy Now
Dramaturgy in an age of ambient anxiety
Peter Eckersall, Melanie Beddie & Paul Monaghan

A virago took my baby!
Laura Ginters

Hip hop; the culture and the activist toolkit
Ted Nielsen

NICA's first batch
Mary Ann Robinson

Ten days of puppetry on the island
Susanne Kennedy

The art of seeing yourself
Sue Moss

The power of perilous negotiations
Mary Ann Hunter

Towers of power
Keith Gallasch


Online exclusive
In full flight
Erin Brannigan: Kay Armstrong, Rara Avis

Artful devices and the afterlife
Helen Omand: ADT, Nothing

The body: sensual, recollected and phantasmic
Jonathan Marshall: Bodyworks 03

The Fondue woman
Ghita Loebenstein: The Fondue Set, Blue Moves

visual arts