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realtime 48

April-May 2002


RT48 Editorial


Perth International Arts Festival
Catching the slipstream
Andrew Nicholls

Perth International Arts Festival
Something in the air
Sarah Miller

Perth Festival
Lesson in dying
Josephine Wilson

Next Wave
Next Wave: the liberated festival
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne's Midsumma cabaret culture
Jonathan Marshall

Adelaide Fringe
Analogue 2 Digital: magic mechanics
Joni Taylor

Adelaide Fringe
Digital documentary
Julia Erhart

Adelaide Fringe
Outside the Cube
Jena Woodburn

Adelaide Fringe
Vaudeville alive
Noel Purdon

Adelaide Festival
An everyday Messiah
Chris Reid

Adelaide Festival
Teri Hoskin

Adelaide Festival
conVerge: joint ventures
Martin Walch

Adelaide Festival
Escape Route
Jeremy Eccles

Adelaide Festival
Maralinga Revisited
Jeremy Eccles

Adelaide Festival
Poised to explode
Jeremy Eccles

Adelaide Festival
That's entertainment...!
Sarah Miller

Adelaide Festival
Christine Nicholls

special features

The Arts: What's Next?
Roger Wilkins, NSW Director-General of Arts
Keith Gallasch

Featured Artist
Kristian Burford
Michael Newall

Letter to the editor

The Lawson vision: sharing Australia
John Conomos


Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
Dressed to distress
Ian MacNeill on Kiss my Fist

Black and white in full colour
Mary-Ann Robinson

Half full/empty with happiness
Francesca Rendle-Short

Hello/goodbye PACT
Caitlin Newton-Broad

Still Angela: a slice of the girl
Mary-Ann Robinson talks with Jenny Kemp and collaborators

The Opera Project: decadence and survival
Keith Gallasch

Tough nights at home
Keith Gallasch reviews Sydney Theatre Company, Urban Theatre Projects, Company Physical Theatre, PACT Youth Theatre

Vagina magic
Nikki Fuda


Bodyworks: dance constructions
Philipa Rothfield: Dancehouse, Bodyworks

rosalind crisp: a european future
erin brannigan, rt48

visual arts

Online exclusive
Everyday miracles
Virginia Baxter

Online Exclusive
Margaret Roberts: performative architecture
Alan Schacher

Online exclusive
Sculptural fantasias
Zsuzsanna Soboslay

Online exclusive
Sydney Biennale 2002: tripping over a zeitgeist
Jacqueline Millner talks with Richard Grayson

Adelaide Biennial
Adelaide biennial: the convergence fantasy
Jena Woodburn

Filmic thematic at IMA
Barbara Bolt

The object of the game: digital sculpture
Daniel Palmer


Online exclusive
Stevie Wishart: the anatomy of the hurdy-gurdy
Keith Gallasch

Online exclusive
The music of refuge
Keith Gallasch

A hint of permanence
Gail Priest

A sound bible
Keith Gallasch

Freeformance celebration
Jonathan Marshall

The improvising organism
Gail Priest

Totally Huge: landscape/soundscape
Andrew Beck

film & screen culture

Truth and the Rabbit-proof Fence
Jane Mills

2002 WA Screen Awards: final cut
Mary O'Donovan

Barret Hodson: The fall of Australian film culture
Jeremy Eccles

Beneath Clouds: language as simple as a look
Mike Walsh

Just whose Indigenous filmmaking?
Kirsten Krauth, OnScreen Editor

Life's more than drag
Kirsten Krauth

Making a Rabbit-proof Fence
Hunter Cordaiy talks to Christine Olsen

mez, Kirsten Krauth, Jane Mills, Mike Walsh, Mark Mordue, Brendan Swift, Mike Walsh, David Varga

Small screen desire
Wendy Haslem


Zoom!: the boys are back in town
Mike Walsh

+onscreen media arts

Digital lab
new works in development

Getting away to it all
Jean Poole

Illuminated thesaurus
Mitchell Whitelaw

Michelle Glaser: writing digital art
Felena Alach

New media, new resistance
David Varga