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realtime 32

Aug-Sept 1999


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special features

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A plenitude of Cinderellas
Eleanor Brickhill digs in the ashes for Young Woman Glass Soul

Chunky news

Helen Herbertson

Queerly constrained
Stephen Armstrong finds CAB/SAV II occasionally heady, but not full-bodied

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

Working the Screen 1999
An other writing
Teri Hoskin looks at new writing online

Working the Screen 1999
Australia’s expanding screen culture

Working the Screen 1999
Digital media across the arts

Working the Screen 1999
Erasing the line between film culture and new media
Janet Merewether reports from Impakt, Utrecht, Netherlands and the EMAF Festival, Osnabrück, Germany

Working the Screen 1999
Media arts and online culture: enter or escape?
Jeffrey Cook says it’s time to look at defragmenting online arts distribution

Working the Screen 1999
Online Australia
Creating an online future

Working the Screen 1999
Spacing the digital
Alex Hutchinson talks venues with media artist and Cinemedia Platform 1.0 curator Ross Gibson

Working the Screen 1999
The animal logic of the antz in the matrix
Richard Smith looks at the impact on ideas and practice as feature film and animation converge

Working the Screen 1999
The distribution challenge
The Digital Artstore Jeffrey Cook and Julianne Pierce

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: dance

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: interactive Installations

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: performance

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: pt1 (A-L)
Barker, Benson, Carroli & Wilson, Cmielewski, geniwate, Glaser, Hutchinson & Xavier, Hoskin, Johnston, Kaye, Kocsis, Kreckler, Le Cappellaine, Leggett, Lerner

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: pt2 (M-P)
Mew, Miranda, Munster, Petterd, Petrovitch, Pierce, Proebsting, Pryor

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: pt3 (R-Z)
Rackham, Richards, Rothwell, Sag & Cooper, Samartzis, Seevinck, Sweeney, Tham, Thomas, Tonkin, Waterson & Sabiel

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: sound & screen, public art

Working the Screen 1999
Works in progress: video & film

Challenging the seer
John Schwartz tests the vision of McKenzie Wark’s Celebrities, Culture and Cyberspace

Digital rules!
Michael Hill is engaged by 99 at the Sydney Film Festival

Millennial maverick
Ashley Crawford talks to Mark Dery about the gothic, the grotesque, ideas vs theory, and America

Pixelated privates
Ivana Caprice and partner Art sample porn on the internet before the censor drops

Steven Ball inspired by the Melbourne International Film Festival’s Captured

The big suture
Art and technology, business and culture sewn up in Online Australia’s Project 1. Keith Gallasch reports.

The fantastic adventures of Ling Change
Maryanne Lynch investigates the multimedia possibilities of Transit Lounge with digital artist Keith Armstrong

The real/digital festival
RealTime previews MAAP99’s impressive program of digital media works and online cross-cultural collaborations

The rise of digital exhibition in the UK
Sophie Hansen reports on northern England’s Arc—“one of the first venues in the UK to place new media arts in a mainstream context”

Kirsten Krauth explores hypermedia on the web