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realtime 31

June-July 1999


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special features

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Next Wave 1999
The City in performance in development
Alex Hutchinson, Clare Stewart: Projections of Fear, Hotel Obsino, Innate, City Blood

Antistatic 99
Antistatic and the beast
Eleanor Brickhill: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
Architecture, body parts & language
Erin Brannigan: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
Boosting performance praxis
Edward Scheer: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
Do remember this
Virginia Baxter: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
Don't fence me in
Anne Thompson: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
Hybrid yield
Eleanor Brickhill: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
It's in the bones
RealTime: Antistatic 99 intro

Antistatic 99
Reclaiming dance as innovator
Erin Brannigan: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
Showing the workshopping
Erin Brannigan: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
The more than visual
Eleanor Brickhill: Antistatic 99

Antistatic 99
The word dances
Edward Scheer: Antistatic 99

25 Songs On 25 Lines Of Words On Art Statement For Seven Voices And Dance
Edward Scheer, preview

Body think
Rachel Fensham on Philipa Rothfield’s Pensive and desoxy’s DNA 98.4%

Polarised in Tempe, Arizona
Sophie Hansen on dance and technology at IDAT 99

Site steps
Indija Mahjoeddin traverses Cherry Herrings’ Cityscapes

Strange qualities
Julia Postle takes a virtual tour of Canberra

Young Woman Glass Soul

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

A meta-world of watchfulness
Diana Klaosen on a new media residency on Bruny Island, Tasmania

Eyeing the interface
Teri Hoskin tries out diagnostic tools for anxiety & love in the new millennium

Okay, how is cyberspace like Heaven
Darren Tofts enters Margaret Wertheims’ pearly gates

Relaxed, but engaged?
Samara Mitchell queries audience positioning at bergbau a techno spectacle in Adelaide

The centre shifts
Keith Gallasch talks to Norie Neumark about bodies and computers

The taste of data
Jane Mills chews over the AFC’s Get The Picture

WriteSites - starlets and hypertext dropouts
Kirsten Krauth looks at the TrAce/alt-x hypertext competition winners

Writing, community, virtuality
Linda Carroli meets writing groups Electronic Writing Research Ensemble and trAce on the web