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realtime 24

April-May 1998


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special features

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Perth Festival 1998
Festival junkie: immersion and withdrawal
Sarah Miller inhabits performance and dance at the Festival of Perth

Adelaide Festival 2000
Sacred documents
Linda Marie Walker: I Was Real–Documents, Saburo Teshigawara & KARAS

Adelaide Festival 1998
In the folds of thought
Linda Marie Walker: Who’s Afraid Of Anything?, Junko Wada/Hans Peter Kuhn

Adelaide Festival 1998
Is there no rest/There is no rest
Linda Marie Walker: La Tristeza Complice, Les Ballets C de la B and Het Musiek Lod

Adelaide Festival 1998
To enter and exit
Richard Murphet: Festival Forum, Design; Songs of the Wanderers, Cloud Gate Dance Company; Le Pouvoir/Snakesong, Needcompany

Adelaide Festival 1998
What I have written
Virginia Baxter: Haunted Daunted and Flaunted, Wendy Houstoun; Jenny Holzer; Artists Week Keynote Address

Chunky Move, Wet & Bonehead

Dress, Shelley Lasica

Motives for movement
Eleanor Brickhill records Rosalind Crisp’s Omeo Dance Project

One step ahead
Sophie Hansen interviews Adelaide Festival guest Wendy Houstoun in London

Physical diffusions
Zsuzsanna Soboslay Moore reviews Twelve Seas and talks to choreographer Gary Rowe

Various gravities
Keith Gallasch looks at the physical in new work from Meryl Tankard’s ADT, Gravity Feed and Legs on the Wall

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

A digital silence
Martin Walch in bed with Pillow Songs

Cultural windows
Mike Leggett reports on emerging film, video and digital technology in Hong Kong

In the mix
Keith Gallasch at Voice Jam & Videotape, Adelaide Festival

The archaeology of the interface
Darren Tofts applauds a new book demythologising interface history

The body interrogated
Kathy Cleland is eXXXamined at Artspace

The Sillywood invasion
Paul Brown, an artist in wonderland at SIGGRAPH 97

Virtual architecture
Diana Klaosen takes a sound journey through urban space

Virtual encounters
As part of the Adelaide Festival, ANAT celebrates its 10th birthday

Vision and invention
Diana Klaosen enjoys getting lost in Salamanca Theatre Company’s multimedia maze