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June-July 2016


The Games DVD

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence DVD

Putuparri and the Rainmakers DVD

I Shudder To Think

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, DVD

Editorial June 8
Artspeak National Arts Election Debate

Fighting for the arts & the public good
Keith Gallasch: arts & the election & Justin O’Connor’s Platform Paper


OzAsia 2016: a necessary festival
Keith Gallasch: Interview Joseph Mitchell, Artistic Director, OzAsia

Playwriting: celebrating the art against the odds
Ben Brooker: 2016 National Play Festival

special features

A biennale with the city as site
Marco Marcon: Manifesta 11, What People Do For Money

Artgaming the art/video game nexus
Liam Gibbons

Revolutionising reception of the world
Keith Gallasch: Margaret Cameron, I Shudder to Think: Performance as Philosophy

Saving PACT: persistence vs crisis
Malcolm Whittaker: interview Katrina Douglas, Director, PACT

The Choreographic: concept or con?
Keith Gallasch: 20th Biennale of Sydney, Choreography & the Gallery

Thought-shifting art
Andrew Fuhrmann: Performing Climates

VR, finding its way to art
Lauren Carroll Harris, Down the Rabbit Hole, Sydney Film Festival


A glorious revelation of the unseen
Elyssia Bugg: Lauren Simmonds, Unseen

A reckoning between generations
Zsuzsanna Soboslay: Raoul Craemer, Pigman’s Lament

A serious comedy connects with country
Keith Gallasch: interview Andrea James, Winyanboga Yurringa

Absurdly capital contradictions
John Bailey: Terrapin Puppet Theatre & MTC, Egg

Angles on eccentricity
John Bailey: Ranters; Maude & Anni Davey

Damage makes art
Kathryn Kelly: interview, Emma Serjeant

From Europe: Two kinds of nakedness
Jana Perkovic: Perforations Festival, Croatia

If truth be told…
Virginia Baxter: National Theatre of Parramatta, Stolen

In the wastes of Ormen
Stephen Wright: site performance, Louise Morris, Anne Scott Wilson

Radically adrift in an expanding cosmos
Mikis Vrettakos: Fight With a Stick, Revolutions

RUCKUS tames Time
Keith Gallasch: RUCKUS, Speed of Life

Strengthening an all too fragile loop
Keith Gallasch: Urban Theatre Projects, Simple Infinity

Tea, Elvis & the magical mundane
Nerida Dickinson: Samantha Chester, The Astronaut

The artist as stripper: when is ‘too much’ enough?
Varia Karipoff: Melanie Jame Wolf’s Mira Fuchs

To live, dance and love, with HIV
Andrew Fuhrmann: Jacob Boehme, Blood on the Dance Floor


A dance of minds, bodies & synchronicities
Keith Gallasch: interview Kyle Page, Dancenorth

A powerful cross-cultural shape-shifter
Kathryn Kelly: Raghav Handa: Mens rea: The Shifter’s Intent

An anxiety-inducing mechanism of fascination
Andrew Fuhrmann: Chunky Move, Anouk van Dijk, Lucid

Art, empathy and risk
Zsuzsi Soboslay: Strange Attractor: Make-Think-Speak

Experimental art fills in the blanks
Keith Gallasch: Dancenorth, If_Was_ on tour

Fraught organic/digital business
Ben Brooker: Larissa McGowan, Mortal Condition

Initial conditions tight, possibilities unlimited
Bernadette Ashley: Dancenorth, If_was_

Laughter & pain in a post-colonial limbo
Jonathan W Marshall: Yirra Yaakin, So Long Suckers

The challenges of transformation
Kathryn Kelly: Raghav Handa, Mens rea: The Shifter’s Intent

To connect in a time of disintegration
Jodie McNeilly: Liz Roche Company, Time Over Distance Over Time

visual arts

Next Wave Festival: complex selves & cultures
Catherine Clover: four visual art exhibitions

A regenerative dreamscape
Virginia Baxter: Julie Williams, The Tears

Activist art: origins and resurgence
Chris Reid: art & politics: exhibitions in Adelaide

Angles on democracy
Matthew Ngui’s Every Point of View;

Art & massacre: the necessary memory of loss
Miriam Kelly: With Secrecy and Despatch

Virtual pain, harsh reality
Keith Gallasch: Eugenie Lee, Seeing is Believing


A musical brain of your own
Gail Priest: interview, bio-artist Guy Ben-Ary

Embracing a new reality
Zsuzsanna Soboslay, Justus Neumann, Alzheimer Symphony

Hip, political music-making
Angus McPherson: Colin Bright Syzygy Band

Roger Smalley: a new music legacy reinvigorated
Alex Turley: Decibel, Scale Variable, Intermodulations

The city as problem and solution
Matthew Lorenzon: Metropolis New Music Festival, Music of the City

film & screen culture

Documenting emotion
Dan Edwards: 2016 Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Cinema that reshapes seeing, time and the human animal
Katerina Sakkas: REVELATION Perth International Film Festival

Dust, myth & a new hero
Katerina Sakkas: Ivan Sen, Goldstone

REV 2016: for the love of the big screen
Keith Gallasch: Jack Sargeant, REVELATION Perth International Film Festival

+onscreen media arts

Domestic violence in the white cube
Philip Brophy: Cassandra Tytler’s I’m Sorry

Brilliant hi- & lo-fi mysteries & disorientations
Greg Hooper: Taeyoon Kim at MAAP Space

Should you see Manifesto?
Keith Gallasch, Julian Rosefeldt, Manifesto, AGNSW