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realtime 114

April-May 2013



perth festival 2013
artfully, entertainingly visceral
maggi phillips: dance, perth international arts festival 2013

perth festival 2013
good lies & truth by degrees
john bailey: perth international arts festival 2013

perth festival 2013
set controls for the heart of the sun
laetitia wilson: light works, perth international arts festival

isea preview
isea2013: resistance is futile/fertile
keith gallasch: jonathan parsons, director, isea2013, sydney

excretal, harmful, mournful, wonderful
tim x atack: in between time 13, bristol, uk

should i stay or should i go?
niki russell: in between time 13, bristol, uk

two moons, new worlds
osunwunmi: in between time festival, bristol, uk

adelaide festival 2013
enlarging the musical universe
chris reid: music program, adelaide festival 2013

adelaide festival 2013
gravity decentred
keith gallasch: adelaide festival

adelaide festival 2013
in the midst of death
jonathan bollen: theatre, adelaide festival 2013

adelaide festival 2013
laurie anderson: do dogs aspire to nirvana?
gail priest: laurie anderson, adelaide festival

adelaide festival 2013
the body, eloquent, risk-taking & violent
anne thompson: dance, adelaide festival 2013

special features

no content


world theatre festival
15 minutes of fame & death after supper
kathryn kelly: brisbane powerhouse, 2013 world theatre festival

world theatre festival
embracing the world
stephen carleton: brisbane powerhouse, world theatre festival

burma report
paths to art in zones of conflict & transition
rachael swain: the flying circus project, myanmar

appropriations & approximations
keith gallasch: sydney performance

entertaining perplexities
astrid francis: fringe world 2013

inside the lives of others
lauren carroll harris: urban theatre projects, life as we know it

many questions, no need for answers
john bailey: kage, flesh & bone; the public studio, until then, then

tracing the transnational: degrees of interactivity
joelle jacinto: world symposium on global encounters in south-east asian performing arts


dance massive 2013
a dance for dark times
virginia baxter: dalisa pigram, gudirr gudirr

dance massive 2013
blacker than black
keith gallasch: antony hamilton, black projects 1 & 2

dance massive 2013
brittle bones & internal electricity
carl nilsson-polias: larissa mcgowan, skeleton

dance massive 2013
creating an affective community
jana perkovic: matthew day, intermission

dance massive 2013
dance & disorientation
keith gallasch: tim darbyshire, more or less concrete

dance massive 2013
dance: installed, immersed, hybridised
keith gallasch: dance massive 2013

dance massive 2013
in the thick of it
philipa rothfield: lee serle, p.o.v.

dance massive 2013
inner fury, seductive skill
philipa rothfield: anouk van dijk, chunky move, 247 days

dance massive 2013
life in a puff
carl nilsson-polias: ashley dyer, life support

dance massive 2013
more or less monstrous
jana perkovic: atlanta eke, monster body

dance massive 2013
sounds to dance to, with, against
gail priest: sound design in dance massive 2013

dance massive 2013
suggestive formalism
jana perkovic: natalie abbott, physical fractals

dance massive 2013
the perfection of submission
varia karipoff: jo lloyd, future perfect

dance massive 2013
when two become one
varia karipoff: stephanie lake, dual

missing martin
pauline manley: martin del amo, slow dances for fast times

rite & scar: boys to men
keith gallasch: interview daniel riley mckinley, bangarra

the eyes have it
carl nilsson-polias, balletlab, and all things return to nature tomorrow

the last dance on earth
keith gallasch: interview, lemi ponifasio

visual arts

online e-dition may 22, 2013
casting light on darkness
shane eastwood: dark mofo’s beam in thine own eye

a necessary transfusion
keith gallasch: sarah-jane norman, unsettling suite

acting out and mouthing off
ken bolton: bronwyn platten, mouths and meaning

love might not come easily to art, but…
ella mudie: we used to talk about love

new kid on the conglomerate art block
sophia kouyoumdjian, cementa 2013, kandos, nsw


online e-dition may 22, 2013
vivid vibrations
gail priest talks with new wave: sound curator andrew batt-rawden

coding the software/art nexus
oliver bown

molten musics
greg hooper, the listening museum, clocked out & ensemble offspring

the city and its double
oliver downes: seven stations: love poems for sydney

unmoored in the maelstrom
dan bigna: soundout 2013

film & screen culture

burning issue
no prizes for the aacta awards
tina kaufman

between electric italy & black america
philip brophy: quentin tarantino’s django unchained

for fugue’s sake
matthew lorenzon: performance, director yaron zilberman

reframing the world
dan edwards: sari braithwaite, human rights arts & film festival

the heart of cold war survival
katerina sakkas: christian petzold’s barbara

+onscreen media arts

ambient invader
andrew clifford: tim gruchy, scout