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realtime 108

April-May 2012


online e-dition may 8
In the loop - may 8
realtime's advance word

online e-dition may 8
in the loop: opportunities - may 8
realtime's advance word

online e-dition may 22
in the loop: left of centre, beyond the margins
tiny stadiums, pact centre for emerging artists, sydney

online e-dition may 22
In the loop: quick picks & opportunities

online e-dition may 22
in the loop: reconciling histories
national reconciliation week, seymour centre

online e-dition april 24
in the loop - quick picks
sunny drake, marrugeku, westspace, andrew burrell, kerreen ely-harper, moduluxxx, opportunities

online e-dition april 24
In the loop - unnatural intelligences
universal remote, wade marynowsky, uts gallery

online e-dition april 24
in the loop: a noisy decade
sonic decadence: 10 years of undue noise, bendigo

online e-dition april 24
in the loop: quantum journeys
dimension crossing, performance space

editorial - rt108

realtime 2012 reader survey gifts


push 2012
between authenticity & artifice
alex lazaridis ferguson: push 2012, vancouver

perth international arts festival 2012
a polyphonic clamour of bodies
maggi phillips: perth international arts festival—dance

perth international arts festival 2012
living with biomorphic anima-machines
christina chau: u-ram choe

perth international arts festival 2012
the artist-in-residence: beyond just being there
sarah miller: iaska’s spaced: art out of place

perth international arts festival 2012
the magic of film music—minus the film
henry andersen: ennio morricone, perth international arts festival

perth international arts festival 2012
the notes that make culture
henry andersen: soft soft loud—the americas, perth festival

perth fringe world
the ups & downs of one-on-one
laetitia wilson: proximity festival of one-on-one art, 2012 fringe world

next wave 2012
deepening the festival experience
keith gallasch: emily sexton, artistic director, next wave 2012

next wave 2012
the embassy will be open
sheridan coleman: the greater asia co-prosperity sphere

mona foma 2012
the sweet music of art-driven tasmania
gavin findlay: mona foma 2012, week 2, hobart

fringe world, perth
entrapment & release
maggi phillips: standing bird, tilted fawn, fringe world

special features

no content


a kagean birthday
john bailey: kage’s 15th birthday

a theatre for children other to itself
bryoni trezise: jack and the beanstalk: a musical fairytale

experts of the everyday
meg mumford & ulrike garde: rimini protokoll

presence-absence polarity destabilised
caroline wake: amelia jones & adrian heathfield, perform, repeat, record: live art in history

separation and its anxieties
keith gallasch, matthew whittet, playwright, belvoir

the hurt in laughter
keith gallasch: rita kalnejais' babyteeth, belvoir

virtual bozo
tony reck: il pixel rosso, and the birds fell from the sky


online e-dition april 24
tanja liedtke: in the accumulation of traces
justine shih pearson: life in movement

online e-dition april 24
the human automaton revealed
jane howard: interview with katrina lazaroff about involuntary

between one and the many
philipa rothfield: ros warby, tower suites

melded minds & bodies
john bailey: antony hamilton & melanie lane, clouds over berlin

something borrowed, something true blue
varia karipoff: australian ballet, infinity

visual arts

love refractually
urszula dawkins: project 12: this is not a love song

pictures page

the battambang renaissance
matthew lorenzon: cambodia

video art & the uncontainable imagination
urszula dawkins: pipilotti rist, i packed the postcard in my suitcase

when is a walk art?
ian milliss: the green ban art walks, sydney


online e-dition may 22
rich rewards for concerti new and renewed
matthew lorenzon: international space time concerto competition

online april 3
artv: composer profile, jon rose
jim denley talks with jon rose, don banks music award winner 2012

an aurora over western sydney
keith gallasch: andrew batt-rawden, artistic director, aurora festival of living music

borders down, camaraderie on
romy caen: 2012 now now festival

freedom within reach
dan bigna: soundout 2012, canberra

from the living room into the world
keith gallasch: david young, chamber made opera

gloriously interfused antitheses
keith gallasch: mozart, the marriage of figaro, opera australia

jon rose: australia made extraordinary
jim denley talks with jon rose, don banks music award winner 2012

music theatre of the imagination
john bailey: carnegie 18 new music theatre program

percussion: the next generation
matthew lorenzon: nomad percussion, a national percussion project

greg hooper: abhinaya theatre co & topology, the lady from the sea

film & screen culture

burning issue
one size fits all? classifying media in the digital age
tina kaufman: the australian law reform commission classification report

conversations with a sex worker
katerina sakkas: john winter’s black & white & sex

endangered species: the auteur documentarian
kath dooley: 2012 australian international documentary conference

low budget, high ideals
sandy cameron: south australian film corporation’s filmlab

moral questions, everyday choices
dan edwards: asghar farhadi’s a separation

the shadowcatchers: australian cinematographers documented
tina kaufman: interview, martha ansara, calvin gardiner

two-bit antipodean horror becomes a classic
katerina sakkas: sonya hartnett on wolf creek

what else goes missing in a disappearance
kirsten krauth: kieran darcy-smith’s wish you were here

+onscreen media arts

interactivity, agency & the ethics of participation
ulanda blair: isobel knowles & van sowerwine, it’s a jungle in here

media art diy: clefts & crevices
dan mackinlay: dorkbot group show 2012, serial space