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realtime 105

Oct-Nov 2011


in the loop – nov 22
realtime’s advance word

Contributor profile: Dan Edwards

in the loop
realtime’s advance word

in the loop – oct 25
realtime’s advance word

in the loop - nov 8
realtime's advance word

online giveaway - nov 22
we need to talk about kevin, hopscotch films

rt105 - editorial


cross-disciplinary art rock’n’rolls
jeff khan: splendour in the grass arts program

how to speak about tomorrow
jana perkovic: eurokaz festival 2011, croatia

in the belly of the beast
gail priest, teik-kim pok, sarah miller: underbelly arts festival

special features

education & the arts
theatre/performance education part 2: home & the world
keith gallasch

education & the arts
theatre/performance education: training off-shore
keith gallasch: lasalle college of the arts, singapore

how green are the performing arts?
sophie travers: sustainable australian performing arts practices

putting innovative australian performing arts on the map
jeremy eccles: interview, wendy blacklock & performing lines


e-dition october 25
refugees adrift
caroline wake: lucky, ipan productions, new theatre

a melancholy theatre
keith gallasch: performance from sydney to wollongong

an audience of your making
john bailey: big hart, kage, the rabble, aphids

everything but existence
julie robson: team mess, this is it

mapping the machine
caroline wake: shopfront’s machine atlas

surreal and squirmacious
douglas leonard: the black lung theatre & whaling firm, i feel awful

the balancing act of life itself
douglas leonard: the danger ensemble, the hamlet apocalypse

the mysteries of curation
jana perkovic: arts house, works from season 2


online e-dition nov 8
when opposites meet
keith gallasch: theatre of rhythm & dance, game on

e-dition october 25
body & geography: the dancer as explorer
keith gallasch: interview, katarzyna sitarz, tanja liedtke fellow

a revelatory spring
keith gallasch: sydney spring dance, sydney opera house

festivals of discovery
erin brannigan: montpellier danse and julidans 2011

from the fears of innocents
jana perkovic: adam wheeler, it sounds silly

from the philippines: ways of making
joelle jacinto: donna miranda, visiting dance artist, campbelltown arts centre

keeping time
philipa rothfield: sandra parker’s document

open to anything & everything
cleo mees: lizzie thomson, panto

relations de-fused
maggi phillips: fuse

two in one
martin del amo: interview craig bary & lisa griffiths

visual arts

a formidable duo a decade on
laetitia wilson: tarryn gill and pilar mata dupont, stadium

chernobyl: looking & listening
keith gallasch: merilyn fairskye, precarious

teasing consumerism
christen cornell: profile, artist cao fei

the victim seen and seeing
caroline wake: waiting for asylum, university of queensland art museum


online e-dition nov 22
listening to landscape & community
shannon o’neill: wired open day 2011, muttama, nsw

e-dition october 25
technical, experimental, metaphysical
matthew lorenzon: fresh meat 2011

avantwhatever label collection
gulbenkoglu gorfinkel; ben byrne; alex white; ivan lysiak

combinatorial challenges
jonathan dale, overground, melbourne jazz festival

emitting & sharing vibrations
keith gallasch: clocked out’s the trilling wire series 2011

new realms for the bass recorder
felicity clark: chronology arts, addicted to bass

part 3: sydney scenes & sounds
gail priest: ¼_inch,

returning the gift: conceptualising music
philip brophy: slave pianos, the gift—redaction & decontamination

schubert x 2
matthew lorenzon: the malthouse & chamber made opera

the NOW now

film & screen culture

the burning issue
at last—a cinematheque for sydney?
tina kaufman

a nation slips under the waves
dan edwards: tom zubrycki’s the hungry tide, melbourne film festival

ghostly tales from our northern neighbours
dan edwards: the fourth portrait & eternity, melbourne film festival

in the filmmaking crucible
julian wood: interview michael rymer, director, face to face

novel to film: the art of distillation
oliver downes: fred schepisi, the eye of the storm

outsiders & others
katerina sakkas: 2011 sydney underground film festival

+onscreen media arts

responsive video
mike leggett: john tonkin, a biology of cognition

ways of seeing nature’s fragility
george dann: keith armstrong & james muller, remnant (v2)