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realtime 104

Aug-Sept 2011


e-dition sept 6
in the loop – sept 6
realtime new and advance word

e-dition sept 20
in the loop - sept 20
realtime’s advance word

e-dition august 23
in the loop – august 23
realtime advance word

editorial - rt104

in the loop
realtime news and advance word


caroline wake: festival a/d werf, utrecht, the netherlands

the unexpected & the unexplored
douglas leonard: free range, metro arts

special features

education & the arts
dance education: why invoke the nation?
linda sastradipradja

education & the arts
film education: rich resources & more to be mined
tina kaufman

education & the arts
media arts education: sublimation vs subjugation
lisa gye

education & the arts
music education: the hunger for critical literacy
matthew lorenzon

education & the arts
theatre/performance education part 1: home & the world
keith gallasch

education & the arts
visual arts education: local content, global branding
ella mudie

burning issue
the ‘legitimate’ limits of artistic practice
kate macneill and barbara bolt


just whose theatre?
john bailey: melbourne performance

local government: low farce & high drama
keith gallasch: version 1.0, the table of knowledge

the city & its disconnects
matthew clayfield: within and without, blacktown arts centre

the genesis: ganesh versus the third reich
john bailey: interview, back to back theatre members

the self-centred society
keith gallasch: post, who’s the best?; belvoir, the business

the us in faustus
douglas leonard: faustus, bell shakespeare & qtc


e-dition august 23
revelling in the now
jana perkovic: the little con, dancehouse

not drowning, dancing
martin del amo: interview, dean walsh

tribute, legacy & radical revisionism
keith gallasch: wendy martin, curator, spring dance 2011

underwater anxieties
pauline manley: dean walsh, fathom

visual arts

a new life for william barak
kate warren: ngv australia, the barak commissions

light: substantially
danni zuvela: peter kennedy, ima, brisbane


liquid architecture
listening up
gail priest: liquid architecture, sydney

liquid architecture
reciprocity between sounds
matthew lorenzon: liquid architecture, melbourne

e-dition august 23
delicate detritus
dan mackinlay: emily morandini & peter blamey, ican

grand piano designs
matthew lorenzon: simeon ten holt, canto ostinato

music to conjoin continents
matthew lorenzon: alice in antarctica

part 2: sydney scenes & sounds
gail priest: the now now; sound series

time as music and image
jacques soddell: punctum, hourglass, bendigo

tripping joy time
felicity clark: ensemble offspring, professor bad trip

film & screen culture

beyond the tv frame
dan edwards: antenna international documentary festival, sydney

cop hard: the naked and the web
matthew clayfield: interview, oscar redding & jonathan auf der heide

experimental film: state of play
jake wilson: australian international experimental film festival

real life on the edge
oliver downes: ivan sen’s feature drama, toomelah

the horror: how australian?
katerina sakkas: australian horror films, part two

+onscreen media arts

e-dition sept 6
hidden in plain view
kate warren: gertrude street projection festival 2011

a dark 21st century folktale
james paull: edward scheer on dennis del favero's scenario

critical flows: climates & peoples
janine randerson: starrs and cmielewski, incompatible elements

digital holiday
somaya langley: unguided tours, anne landa award exhibition, 2011

journey into virtuality & convergence
ricardo peach: laval virtual international conference & exhibition

the art of interactive lighting
scott mcquire: bruce ramus, the light in winter festival

world of water
keith gallasch: interview, suzon fuks, waterwheel