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realtime 103

June-July 2011



culture, community & inspiration
keith gallasch: andrish saint-clare, artistic director mahbilil and garma festivals

singing to survive
judith abell: ten days on the island, tasmania

supernow and the hyperlocal
emily sexton: fierce, birmingham

special features

future city
a garden experiment
alana hunt: tending, sydney college of the arts

future city
re-inventing the city
hurstville, singapore, blacktown, manila

future city
the artist as citizen
ella mudie: the right to the city

future city
where there’s a will there’s a when
mariam arcilla: now and when: australian urbanism

burning issue
china: creative expression on notice
dan edwards

burning issue
incendiary performance: christoph schlingensief
jana perkovic: interview, anna teresa scheer


e-dition june 28
breakdown of the break-up
matthew clayfield: trapture, sands through the hour glass

e-dition june 28
some other selves
caroline wake: applespiel, nat randall, tiny stadiums

e-dition july 12
existential allegories
douglas leonard: dead cargo; empire burning, metro arts, brisbane

e-dition july 12
tough love, rough hate
keith gallasch: jonathan gavin, the business, belvoir

a new recipe for reality
matthew clayfield: ama and chan, urban theatre projects

from the ground up
keith gallasch: imogen semmler, director, underbelly festival

pain makes art
varia karipoff: XX, brigid jackson, la mama

the reverberations of disappearance
charlotte farrell: version 1.0, the disappearances project

wanted: playwrights, dead or revived
john bailey: melbourne performance


a room & the residue of movement
keith gallasch: sandra parker, document, dancehouse

brilliance, shimmer & shine
keith gallasch: vicki van hout, briwyant

dance in focus
sophie travers: national dance forum

dancing city—traceries in stone
maggi phillips: tongues of stone

exhibiting the future
maggi phillips: aimee smith, accidental monsters of meaning

meeting of minds and mountains
gail priest: martin del amo, mountains never meet & duel

rescuing dancefilm from the margins
chirstinn whyte: erin brannigan, dancefilm

suspending self, time & disbelief
keith gallasch, virginia baxter: trevor patrick, i could pretend the sky is water, dance massive

the heart: savage & pained
bernadette ashley: dancenorth, double bill, townsville

the poisoned pea
virginia baxter: michelle heaven, disagreeable object, dance massive

the power & magic of juxtaposition
martin del amo: interview, choreographer vicki van hout

transported: between memory & desire
jonathan bollen: restless dance theatre, take me there, come out

visual arts

signalling, not clowning
urszula dawkins: emile zile, five production company logos in 3D

the aesthetic of sensation
christen cornell: yang fudong, filmmaker

the future is now the past
darren jorgensen: awfully wonderful, performance space


a winning year for innovators
keith gallasch: 2011 art music awards

clock work
greg hooper: clocked out duo, wake up!

controlled abandon
matthew lorenzon: plight of the peacock

licence to imagine
felicity clark: sunwrae, eavesdropping tour

part 1: sydney scenes & sounds
gail priest: silent hour, ladyz in noyz, high reflections

with an ear to the greater city
danni zuvela: lawrence english, site-listening: brisbane

writing the voice
gail priest: voice: vocal aesthetics in digital arts and media

film & screen culture

e-dition july 12
more or less than fairytale
oliver downes: julia leigh’s sleeping beauty

a fistful of renminbi
mike walsh: hong kong international film festival

a life retrieved
oliver downes: interview, beck cole & shai pittman, here i am

china’s divided screen culture
dan edwards: 2011 hong kong international film festival

film: the full body experience
2011 revelation perth international film festival

the horror: how australian?
katerina sakkas: australian horror films, part one

time, myth & timelessness
keith gallasch: ben ferris, penelope

you can’t build on an emptiness
dan edwards: ifchina original studio

+onscreen media arts

e-dition july 12
surveying your selves
gail priest: alex davies, the black box sessions, uts gallery

music, machines, misinterpretations
gail priest: ben frost, music for solaris

pixels ain’t square, man! seeing the digital light
darren tofts: public symposium, digital light: technique, technology, creation

synthetic engineering: dreams & doubts
kirsty darlaston: life 2.0: artifice to synthesis