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SCAN 2003


Mary Ann Hunter

SacredCOW (Dawn Albinger, Scotia Monkivitch and Julie Robson) The Quivering SacredCOW (Dawn Albinger, Scotia Monkivitch and Julie Robson) The Quivering
photo Suzon Fuks
SacredCOW (Dawn Albinger, Scotia Monkivitch and Julie Robson) is a Brisbane-based theatre ensemble that formed in 2000 to devise adventurous performance with strong physical and sonic scores. As they explain, “While touring and salsa dancing in the wild zones of Colombia, we dared each other to work together for 30 years.” And they’ve taken the dare seriously by establishing clear long term aims and direction for sustaining their fruitful collaboration. Inspired by “divas, lamenters, lullaby-makers and monsters”, SacredCOW became part of the Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for Live Arts’ Incubator program, designed to support local artists working on long-term laboratory style training and performance building. From here, the ensemble worked with Sydney-based director Nikki Heywood to devise The Quivering: a matter of life and death. SacredCOW’s creative partnership for The Quivering has since grown to involve Mount Olivet Hospice and the Creative Industries of Queensland University of Technology. With a history of assistance from Arts Queensland, the Australia Council and Playworks, The Quivering is scheduled for full production and a 2-week season at the Brisbane Powerhouse in November 2003. SacredCOW are also co-founding members of Magdalena Australia, part of an international network of women in theatre, and were coordinators for the recent International Magdalena Australia Festival in Brisbane.

RealTime issue #57 Oct-Nov 2003 pg. 34

© Mary Ann Hunter; for permission to reproduce apply to [email protected]

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