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Contributor profile: Greg Hooper

Greg Hooper, ballooning in Goreme, Turkey Greg Hooper, ballooning in Goreme, Turkey


I was born in Adelaide in 1957. Grew up there. I love that my children won't have to do that, be in that Australia. Back then. At my high school boys weren't allowed to do Art—they were taken outside to shift desks or pick up papers. Art was for girls.

I think 1976 was the first time I saw live music that wasn't a rock band. John Cage. Loved it. ABC-FM came out around then and gave me the first chance to actually hear interesting music on a regular basis. Andrew McLennan. Huge impact.

But I still did not meet someone my age who thought of themselves as an artist until maybe a year later. They were a neighbour. Showed them some of the audio and visual art I had been making. They took me to the South Australian School of Art where Bert Flugleman suggested I bypass art school and join South Australian Workshops, an artist collective in the city. I was thrilled and a little overawed to meet so many interesting people. My partner Lani Weedon and I met there. We've been together now almost 30 years. Two children. And a dog.

Ending up in Brisbane with a baby daughter, lack of income had me off to the University of Queensland. Student support payments were very welcome. I studied cognitive science. Came out with a university medal and a PhD in neuroscience. Hoping for a steady job. Let me know if something turns up.


When I heard music I loved music, when I saw film I loved film, when I saw painting I loved painting.

Writing for RealTime gives me the opportunity to be connected with art from now, and write about it in ways I enjoy. I have not looked for other writing work, I wouldn't really know how to, but I can't see me being that interested in writing that didn't allow the creative freedom I get with RealTime. It takes me a long time to write a review.

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© Greg Hooper; for permission to reproduce apply to [email protected]

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