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editorial - rt102

John Jasperse, Becky, Jodi & John, John Jasperse Company, Dance Massive 2011 John Jasperse, Becky, Jodi & John, John Jasperse Company, Dance Massive 2011
photo Alex Escalante 2007
New York dance maker John Jasperse looks like he’s firing in Becky, Jodi and John, one of the works in the excellent 2011 Dance Massive program in which enormous creative energy was unleashed on the stages of Malthouse, Dancehouse and Arts House across almost two weeks. In this edition we’ve reproduced a selection of reviews sweated out daily by the RealTime writing team for what was certainly a smokin’ Dance Massive. Long may it burn for the sake of Australian contemporary dance and its lovers; but what exactly is the future for Dance Massive?

And while we’re on burning issues, the detention by the Chinese Government of Ai Wei Wei, a leading Chinese artist whose work and personal presence has been strongly felt in Australia, has revealed in no uncertain terms that China will not tolerate any dissent, particularly while the so-called Jasmine Revolution continues to build in northern Africa and the Middle-East. In 2009, Ai Wei Wei was beaten by police (resulting in an operation for a subdural hematoma); last December he was prevented from attending the Nobel Peace Prize awards; and he was subsequently placed under house arrest for protesting the government demolition of his Shanghai studio. The artist was detained on April 2 at Beijing airport while on his way to Hong Kong. His home and studio have been searched and his staff detained as well. The United States, France, Britain and Germany have all called for the artist’s release and the Australian Government has stated its concern. “Only sustained international pressure can help Ai Wei Wei now,” says Sophie Richardson, Asia Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch. We should all urge our government to intensify its protest, not only against the detention of Ai Wei Wei but of other artists and dissidents.

RealTime issue #102 April-May 2011 pg. 1

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